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January 7, 2010

I’m pretty sure that 2010 is a little late to start a blog. You don’t have to look very far, even for a niche topic like this, to find bloggers who’ve been in the game for 3-5 years with thousands of posts under their belts. So why start now?

Because that was my mindset for most of 2009, and that’s how this project arrived so late in the first place.

My take on any successful project is to define the scope and the goals from the beginning. That direction will help define the project, keep it on track, and guide the development. Here’s what you can expect from the Free State Wine Project for 2010:

  • Our scope: to bring you insights into local wines, wineries, and the wine industry in the mid-Atlantic region, with a strong bias toward Maryland (my current base of operations).
  • Our goals: to discover and report on the best wine experiences this region has to offer; to provide a voice for the nascent Maryland wine industry; and to have some fun!

I hope you’ll stick with the Free State Wine Project over the coming months. We have some interesting features planned that go above and beyond your typical wine and tasting reviews that I think any wine enthusiast could welcome as a breath of fresh air in this space. Stay tuned!


Matthew K.

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