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Wine Review: Orchid Cellars Hunter Mead

January 22, 2010

Okay, so traditional mead isn’t “wine” in the typical sense. Instead of grapes, at a base level it’s made from fermented honey. Mead’s history, like wine, dates back to some of the earliest known history and it comes in a range of flavors and characteristics. Obviously mead production, availability, and even awareness in the US is nothing next to the wine industry (good luck finding a bottle in your local liquor store).

However, if you look hard enough, you can find some creative mead on the market, including those from Maryland’s own Orchid Cellar. We stumbled across their booth at the 2009 Wine in the Woods in Columbia, MD and brought home a bottle of their “Hunter” mead, a spicy blend of honey and hot pepper tastes. This non-traditional take on a typically sweeter beverage offered a nice change of pace, and tasted great both chilled and at room temperature.

I look forward to seeing the Orchid Cellar team at future wine festivals! Unfortunately, their tasting room is not yet open and it seems they have yet to begin distributing to retailers.

Find them online at

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