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Wine Review: Plagido’s Winery Vidal Blanc

January 29, 2010

If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you’ll know that the vidal blanc is becoming a theme around here. The grape itself, which originated as a hybrid for the cooler “continental” French climate (as opposed to the more “Mediterranean” environs found in California, Chile, and Australia), thrives in the northeastern US and Canada. The wine characteristics produced by this grape can range anywhere from dry, acidic whites to dessert wines laden with residual sugar.

This particular vidal blanc variety, which we picked up from Plagido’s Winery in New Jersey’s coastal plains region during a tour there last November, falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Although marketed as a table wine I definitely tasted sweeter notes reminiscent of honey and vanilla. Some citrus tastes also emerged – particularly on the finish – which I noted as a mild orange and lemony taste. I also found a warm mineral characteristic that’s probably due partly to the wine and partly to the somewhat hilly and rocky conditions around rural Hammonton, NJ.

If you’re ever in South Jersey (perhaps while visiting the shore, or escaping Camden), Plagido’s is worth a visit. We found the tasting room staff pleasant and friendly to walk-in visitors – not always the case in the Garden State – and a selection of wines worth a second look.

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