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Solomon’s Island Winery Riesling Ice Wine

March 16, 2010

Some wines are dry with strong tannins, while others are smooth with an oaky finish. This is not one of those wines.

Rieslings are typically made in a dessert or semi-sweet style (although you can find dry riesling wines on the market), but this one takes it to the next level with a whopping 12% residual sugar. Don’t confuse sweet with simple, however. This wine stands to prove a point that you can add a little complexity, even around all those sugars.

The warm taste of this wine pleasantly reminded me of toasted marshmallows. Honey characteristics also came through, similar to what you might find in a mead. I found some interesting fruit characteristics in the finish, somewhat mellowed – almost like peaches in brown sugar.

You’ll find Solomon’s Island Winery in the Southern Maryland region on the western banks of the Chesapeake Bay. Or, you can pick up a bottle from them at any of the major festivals – they’re one of the more established winemakers in their region and are known for dessert wines like their famous Chocolate Zin.

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